Peace in the New Year

peaceHappy 2016, my friends! I hope the new year brings you all the love, joy, peace and understanding you can hold.

I thank each of you for the encouragement and support you gave me in my writing journey over the last year. I could not have written a single sentence nor grown as a writer without you. I am truly blessed and look forward to sharing more stories with you in the years to come.

This poem was written by my friend, Theresa Ryder. With simple words and thoughts, this little poem reminds us that we can each make a difference in our own lives and in the world by staying mindful of how precious and attainable peace can be if we only try.

Pray for Peace
by T. L. Ryder

Pray for peace,
yes, please,
pray every moment.

And while you pray
make peace–
make peace every day.

With your hands
With your heart
With your words

With your thoughts,
With your breath,
With your soul.

Yes, pray for peace,
but also
make it the work of your days.

Peace and aloha be with you, my friends


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      I think perhaps grasping greed plays a major part in wars also. What better way to grab a country’s gold, oil, women, land, whatever than to foment a good old-fashioned religious furor? The truly pathetic thing is that it’s always been the same, since time began. Human beings is not very nice peoples, I fear. But maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference for the future. Such is my hope.

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      Thank you, Daveed. You’ve been there since my first scribbling attempts at the corner table in Hackfeld’s. Lotta years, dear friend — and you’re still kicking my keister at Hanging with Friends!! Hugs.

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