Anonymous – Wrinkles Don’t Hurt
Anonymous – Thinking About Us
Anäis Nin – If One Changes Internally
Bette Davis – No Place for Sissies
The Buddha – We Become What We Think
The Dalai Lama – Everyday, Think As You Wake Up
Doris Lessing – That Via Dolorosa
Eleanor Roosevelt – Old People Are Works of Art
Eudora Welty – Events of Our Lives Happen in a Sequence
Gabriel Garcia-Marquez – The Secret to a Good Old Age
George Burns – Getting Older
Grandma Moses – A Good Day’s Work
Joan Didion – The People We Used to Be
Joan Didion – One’s Intrinsic Worth
Louise Erdrich – When Women Age Into Their Power
Mark Twain – Mind Over Matter
Mary Ann Hans – A Texas Tradition
Mary Oliver – Box Full of Darkness
Maya Angelou – Just Do It
Maya Angelou – I Can Be Changed
Ojibway Saying – Pitying Myself
Pat Conroy – Too Much Beauty
Pema Chodron – Difficult Times
Zora Neale Hurston – That’s Living