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A Little Bit About Ann Winfred

A few  years ago I retired after 2600 Mondays of some crummy and some not-so-crummy office jobs in Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Texas, Maui and Honolulu. I lived alone most of my life and now rent a tiny cottage in Flour Bluff, an old fishing village on the Texas Gulf Coast. I have two porches and two rocking chairs, palm trees, a tiny Zen garden, a Corgi darling named Iola and a keyhole view of the ocean. In one of those rocking chairs on one of those porches, cheered by the applauding palm trees, calmed by the Zen garden, and caressed by the ocean breeze, you will find me giving voice to the stories that have languished inside me for 70 years. casa My hope for the Coming of Age Croneicles is that by sharing my jottings with friends and fellow women travelers, we will all find the spiritual niche that rightfully belongs to us — peace in our wrinkled skin. Together, holding hands and helping each other, our feet may find that gentle path of exit from this planet as wise old crones who forgave their debts, embraced their joys, praised their good choices, learned from their mistakes, and had one helluva good time.

So what do you say? Wanna’ take a ride with me into our golden sunset? I’d love to have your company.

Aloha nui loa – Ann


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